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Finding Her Passion from Grief

You’ve heard of “Dancing with the Stars.” This is Gloria’s story of dancing to heal her broken heart. Gloria Maxwell grew up in Cuba. She came to New York City as a refugee in 1961, becoming a U.S.…

SHAG Mountlake food collage
Gleaning at Mountlake Senior Living

Mountlake Senior Living residents are thinking outside the box to turn food waste into community food. Cindy Ptasnik, Mountlake Senior Living Steering Committee Chairperson, set out to find a better…

asian couple exercising
Fall Fitness: Getting Moving with an Incentive

Shrink your waistline while growing your budget. Yes, there is a catch. You need to take part in our Fall Fitness Incentive to earn a gift card.

group of senior women smiling at the beach
Safety Do’s and Don’ts When Fully Vaccinated

With vaccines representing the light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, the Centers for Disease Control has issued guidelines about what fully vaccinated people can safely do and the precautions…