Simplify Your Move

Helpful Tips

We Can Help You Get There

For many people, moving can seem daunting. But with the right help along the way, the process can be smooth. SHAG can get you started with these tips.

Plan for Your New Home

  • Make a plan for moving and find out which family members and friends are available to help move and pack
  • Ask your SHAG apartment manager:
    • For a floor plan drawing.
    • What other new residents typically bring.
    • How close your apartment is to the elevator, stairs, if there is an available cart, when you can move in, where you should park, and which door you should use to move in your belongings.
  • Measure your current furniture.

Get Packing

  • Sort and pack your closets first and then go room by room.
    • It can be an emotional process, but try to articulate a need for each item. To make it easier consider gifting items now that you would have later anyway. Also, ask friends and family if they need anything – maybe you have it and won’t need it at your new place. You may find it comforting for your items to remain in familiar surroundings.
  • Stay organized by dividing items into categories, such as:
    • Keep
    • Donate or Gift
    • Sell
    • Throw Away or Recycle
  • Label boxes with not only the items in them, but also where they go in your new home
  • Keep your important records with you

Keep the Memories

  • Keep a piece of your memorable collections
  • Take photos of sentimental items and make a scrapbook, then donate the items to make room

Moving Day

  • Move all of your larger items into your new residence first
  • Find a new, nearby place to grab dinner or lunch to take a break from moving
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – Have Fun! This is an exciting new beginning for you!